Sunday Roast (13th Sept)


Live Fire Argentinian Sunday Roast

We invite you to a Sunday roast, cooked all day using only fire – from ingredients sourced from the market butcher, fishmonger and veg stall.

The meal is inspired by a recent trip to Argentina and a love of Asado… with a twist. Plus, a desire to celebrate the history of one of the oldest butchers streets in the world – the Shambles.

Live Fire Sunday Roast

Main: Medium roast rib of beef with chapa potatoes, mildly-pickled cabbage, honey roast parsnips and carrots, bone marrow gravy. £20

Optional dessert:
Plancha Banoffee – caramelised banana, mascarpone, dulce de leche, biscuit crumb, grated chocolate. £7

Due to COVID please book as a group. Below you can select a minimum of 2 tickets & a maximum of 6.

Tickets are £20 each + an optional £7 dessert.
(only 50 seats available)

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Date:  13th September
Entrance: 3:00 pm
Location: SÓL ÁST, The Principal Hotel Gardens, York, YO24 1AA

Please feel free to relax at THOR’S prior to 3pm and watch us BBQing.

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